Dawn Ray

Graduate Student

Program: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2022

What degree are you pursuing and why? I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Knot Theory. I have chosen to do so because I was a high school math teacher and I decided that I wanted to obtain my Ph.D. so that I can continue my career as a college professor.

How would you describe the Math Department to someone considering a master's program? The faculty in the math department are approachable and willing to work with students who reach out to them. There are several potential advisors actively involved in research in a wide range of topics that are eager to talk to students about their interests. The Ph.D. program is challenging, but there are a lot of resources to help make candidates successful.

How valuable do you feel this degree will be to your career? Having a Ph.D. in mathematics is not required for the field I am going into, but it is highly preferred. I believe that I would not be able to successfully pursue my career goals without this degree.