MATHSTart FIT program

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is part of the Forty-Niner Intensive Transition Program (FIT), a bridge program offered to UNC Charlotte students prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Students in FIT will receive structured advising, an array of support services, and college engagement activities that are designed to promote a successful transition into UNC Charlotte.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers two mathematics/statistics preparatory classes that would take place from August 12th – August 16th. These courses would serve as a preliminary preparation for the math or statistics course you would start in the fall semester. These courses complement the FIT programs and activities scheduled throughout the day.

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The two math/statistics prep courses offered in 2024 are:

1. UCOL 2200-003 College Algebra Prep (if you are registering for MATH 1101, 1103, or MATH 1120 in Fall 2024), taught by Dr. Caylah Crosby. The class meeting times are Monday through Friday, from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Location TBD.

2. UCOL 2200-008 Statistics Prep (if you are registering for STAT 1222 or STAT 1220 in Fall 2024), taught by Wan Rabiatul A. Hountondji Wan Oathman. The class meeting times are Monday through Friday, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Location TBD.


  • Who is MATHSTart for?
    The MATHSTart cohort will help incoming students get a jumpstart into their first-year Math and Stat courses. The program offers students an opportunity to start their math or stat path stronger and better prepared by refreshing required content, connecting with faculty and current students, and experiencing the facilities and resources the Math and Stats Department has to offer.
  • What should I expect if I sign up?
    You can sign up for one of the 1-credit hour math prep courses, be assigned a peer mentor, engage with campus partners to learn about campus resources and be introduced to academic support services and student engagement opportunities on campus.
  • What are the costs to sign up?
    There are no up-front out-of-pocket expenses* for FIT if your fall course load is at least 12 credit hours. You can apply for a $100 declining balance to be added to your Fall semester meal plan and it rolls over into the Fall if you don’t use it all during FIT (if you choose to have a meal plan). For students who already have an on-campus housing assignment for the fall semester and want to move in early to participate in the FIT program, students must notify Housing of their intent to move in early by July 12th. There is an additional charge of $25 per day for each day that you are in campus housing prior to when you would usually move in for the Fall. Having on-campus housing is not a requirement to participate in FIT, so students intending to reside off-campus for the fall semester are very welcome to apply.
  • When is the deadline to apply?
    If you are planning to live on campus in the Fall and need to move in early for FIT, the application deadline is July 12th. Otherwise, the application deadline is August 1st.
  • What is the MATHSTart registration checklist?
    • Apply to the Forty-Niner Intensive Training Program
    • Enroll in the FIT course in banner
      • Log into
      • Select the “Registration, Add, Drop” icon
      • Select “Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes”
      • ENTER YOUR Preferred Prep Course
      • Submit changes
    • Apply for fall housing(if you plan to reside on campus)
      • Inform us if you would like to move onto campus prior to the start of the fall semester (Aug. 12)
      • FIT move-in day will be Saturday, August 10th from 1-5PM
    • Apply for a meal plan (if you would like a fall mean plan and to add money for FIT)
      • Log in to
      • Select “Banner Self Service” from the Essentials menu.
      • Click the “Student Services/Student Accounts” tab.
      • Select “Meal Plan Application”
      • Inform us that you would like to add a $100 declining balance that you will pay through your fall semester bill

For more information about the MATHSTart program please contact the MATHSTart Cohort Coordinator, Dr. Caylah Crosby (

*Course credit costs are added to the Fall semester expenses. If you are enrolled in 12- 18 credit hours for the Fall semester, including your FIT course, then FIT will not impact your tuition costs.