Former Students

Jingbin HeNumerical methods for ordinary differential equationsDuan ChenSpring 2023
Bradley StichThe inverse Galois problemEvan HoustonFall 2022
Benji DialSemidirect products of cyclic groupsEvan HoustonFall 2022
Steve Wainainaa-values of the partial sum of the Riemann zeta functionArindam RoySpring 2022
Salonia AryaStatistical Analysis of Mental Health during and after the COVID-19 PandemicJohn TaylorSpring 2022
Marlee HerringApplications of Group Theory for Molecular PropertiesWill BrianFall 2021
Tanmay H. KenjaleBeyond the PCA: A Comprehensive Review of Dimension Reduction TechniquesEliana ChristouFall 2021
Annabel SettleRandom Forest Hyperparameter Sensitivity for Noisy, High-Dimesional DataJiangcheng JiangSpring 2021
William PowellA numerical method to solve an inverse source problem for hyperbolic equationsLoc NguyenSpring 2021
Mai Phuong NguyenAssessing risk factors for the incubation period of COVID-19Qinging ZhouSpring 2021
Jacob William FerrierInvestigating the Consecutive Bias of the Products of k PrimesArindam RoySpring 2021
Drusti PatelA globally numerical convergence method to solve a coefficient inverse problem for hyperbolic equationsLoc NguyenFall 2020
Hannah PowellIrreducibles in Z[i] and Z[ i ]Evan HoustonSpring 2020
Jacob EtringerA Continuous Asset Pricing ModelAdriana OcejoSpring 2020
Michael Lee FinneyAnalyzing and Counting Zero Deficiency Rational LinksYuanan DiaoFall 2019
Jacqueline Sierra LaineRisky Business: Quantifying Value at RiskEliana ChristouSpring 2019
Riley JonesRationality of Exercising and Valuating Options of Variable AnnuitiesAdriana OcejoSpring 2019
Avery JohnsonStatistical Analysis of Health Care Spending in the United StatesQingning ZhouSpring 2019
Regina WoodFractals, dynamical systems, and survivor sets.Kevin McGoffSpring 2018

Sofia Cole

Eigenvalue estimates for a self-adjoint differential operator on an interval of the real line.

Oleg SafronovSpring 2018

Sara Laudeman

Derivation, form finding, and structural analysis in catenary derivate shells

Kim HarrisSpring 2018
Sarah Riegel

Transmission Dynamics of HA-MRSA and CA-MRSA in the Hospital Setting.

Duan ChenFall 2017
Robert Edmiston

The Laplace operator in the prolate spheroidal geometry:
Neumann functions and image systems

Shaozhong DengFall 2017
Rachel Minster

The Continuum Hypothesis and the Axioms of Set Theory

Alan Dow2016
Muqin Yue

Study of Optimal Investment to Merton problem

Minxing Xue2016
Charles Monroe

Classifying Integral Matrices Using Characteristic Equations and Similarity

Xingde Dai2015
David Patton

Distribution Theory and its Applications

Boris Vainberg2015
Krista SmithA Study of Viennot’s Combinatorial Models of Orthogonal PolynomialsGabor Hetyei2015
Hunter Street

Characterizing Groups of Small Order

Evan Houston2015
Djiba Kourouma

Measuring the 2008 Financial Crisis with CoVaR

Jingjing Zhao2013
Clair Hilliard  2012
Christopher Henry  2011
Bernadette DeNicola  2009
Lynn Thomas  2009
Shira StavSolutions of the 2D Poisson EquationThomas Lucas2008
Michael FairchildSemiparametric Noise Reduction in 1 to 4 Dimensional Data SpacesThomas Lucas2007
John Shafer  2004
James Rudzinski  2003