Graduate Program Information

The Graduate Programs in Mathematics and Statistics at UNC Charlotte are supported by a strong research faculty of international stature. Current research interests cover a wide range of applications in economics, engineering, physics, and the social sciences. Many faculty members are funded in their research by external grants. Financial support is available via competitively-awarded graduate assistantships which are funded at nationally-competitive levels, with additional fellowship stipends available to highly-qualified students.

At the graduate level, the Department offers programs leading to the following degrees:

The Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics is designed to enable its students to master a significant body of mathematics, to relate this knowledge to a coherent area of science or engineering, and to carry on fundamental research in applied mathematics at a nationally-competitive level. The M.S. degree in Mathematics is organized into five concentrations in General Mathematics, in Applied Mathematics, in Applied Statistics, in Actuarial Statistics, and in Mathematics Education, respectively. The concentration in General Mathematics develops breadth and depth in the field and provides preparation for careers in industry, and teaching at junior or community colleges, and for further study at the doctoral level. The concentrations in Applied Mathematics and in Applied Statistics provide advanced work in the techniques of mathematical analysis and in statistics and applied probability and their application to the problems of industry and technology. The concentration in Actuarial Statistics provides advanced skills and knowledge to individuals seeking actuarial careers in insurance and financial institutions. The concentration in Mathematics Education provides career advancement opportunities for teachers, preparation for junior or community college teaching, or further work at the doctoral level in mathematics education.

Please contact Dr. Shaozhong Deng (or Dr. Victor Cifarelli or Dr. Wafaa Shaban) if you have any questions about the graduate programs in Mathematics and Statistics (or Mathematics Education or Actuarial Science) at UNC Charlotte.

contact information

Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Shaozhong Deng

Fretwell 360C

Phone: 704-687-0634

Math Education Program Coordinator:

Dr. Victor Cifarelli

Fretwell 355C


Actuarial Program Director:

Dr. Wafaa Shaban

Fretwell 340B