Ph.D. Alumni

139Wai-lun Lam2024 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovNew version of optimal stopping problem
138Elaine Gorom-Alexander2024 SpringDr. Xingjie LiMultiscale modeling for crystalline materials: a comprehensive study in statics and dynamics
137Jing Xu2024 SpringDr. Yanqing SunEstimation and inference for dynamic intensity models for recurrent event data with applications to a malaria trial
136Xu Cao2024 SpringDr. Qingning ZhouDesign and Analysis for Two-Phase Studies with Survival Data
135Sergei Miles2024 SpringDrs. Kevin McGoff/William BrianDynamics of the shift action on linear sequence spaces over groups beyond Z
134Robert Bland2024 SpringDr. Kevin McGoffSubsystems of Shifts of Finite Type over Countable Amenable Groups
133Dante Durrman2024 SpringDrs. Erik Saule/Gabor HetyeiColoring Graphs with Intervals for Parallel Computing
132Xingnan Zhang2024 SpringDr. Michael GrabchakMultivariate Dickman distribution and its applications
131George M. Stukes2023 FallDr. Stanislav MolchanovOn the infinite divisibility and non infinite divisibility of certain classes of random variables
130Madhumita Paul2023 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovSpectral Theory of Schrodinger Type Operators on Spider Graphs
129Xi Ning2023 SpringDrs. Yanqing Sun/Yinghao PanStatistical inference of semiparametric Cox-Aalen transformation models with failure time data
128Thi Thu Thuy Le2023 SpringDr. Loc NguyenGlobally convergent numerical methods for several inverse problems based on Carleman estimates
127Jie Chang2022 FallDr. Michael GrabchakAsymptotic Normality of Higher Order Turing Formulae
126Dawn Ray2022 SummerDr. Yuanan DiaoAverage genus of oriented rational links
125Van Pham2022 SummerDr. Yuanan DiaoWrithe-like invariants of alternating links
124Xiaoyun Chen2022 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovThe general non-stationary Anderson Parabolic Model with correlated white noise
123Yunfei Xia2022 SpringDr. Michael GrabchakEstimation and simulation for multivariate tempered stable distributions with applications to finance
122Masoumeh Sheikhi Kiasari2021 FallDr. Shaoyu LiDistance based linear regression model and its application to microbiome association studies
121Ali Mahzarnia2021 FallDr. Jun SongMultivariate Functional Predictor Selection
120Pramesh Subedi2021 SpringDr. Yanqing SunSemiparametric additive hazards models with missing covariates
119Kelly Smalenberger2020 FallDr. Xingjie LiProbabilistic numerical integration with applications in machine learning
118Christopher Farthing2020 FallDr. Isaac SoninA dynamic approach to optimizing interventions and mitigating contagion impacts in financial networks
117Julia Simonsen2020 FallDr. Stanislav MolchanovDiffusion Processes on Solvable Groups of Upper Triangular 3×3 matrices. Applications in Asian and Basket Options
116Yetong Zhou2020 SummerDr. Jiancheng JiangLocal spatial quantile estimation of multivariate functional-coefficient regression models
115Yuehan Shao2020 SummerDr. Yanqing SunThe semiparametric mark-specific proportional hazards model for multivariate marks via a single-index
114Sha Yu2020 SummerDr. Jiancheng JiangIndependent screening for nonparametric Cox model
113Jasmine Elder2020 SpringDrs. Gabor Hetyei/Yongge WangQuantum resistant Reed Muller codes on McEliece cryptosystem
112Weitong Yin2019 FallDr. Jiancheng JiangUnifying estimation of varying-coefficient models
111Chen Chen2019 Summer IIDr. Zhiyi ZhangGoodness-of-fit tests under permutations
110Li Liu2019 Summer IDr. Isaac SoninOptimal strategies in “Locks, Bombs, and Testing” (LBT) problem for the case of independent protection
109Peilin Chen2019 Summer IDr. Yanqing SunStatistical estimation and inference for the associations of multivariate recurrent event processes
108Jialin Zhang2019 Summer IDr. Zhiyi ZhangNon-parametric estimation of information-theoretic quantities in entropic perspective
107Qitong Li2019 Summer IDr. Loc NguyenInverse source problems for elliptic and parabolic equations
106Fei Heng2019 Summer IDr. Yanqing SunDynamic modeling of incomplete event history data
105Ann Stewart2019 SpringDr. Zhiyi ZhangJensen-Shannon divergence: Estimation and hypothesis testing
104Liqiu Deng2019 SpringDr. Yanqing SunEstimation of semi-varying coefficient models for counting process with applications
103Thomas Cook2019 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovOn the spectral theory of one-dimensional Schrodinger operator with sparse random potential
102Rajan Puri2019 SpringDr. Boris VainbergOn the discrete spectrum of exterior elliptic problems
101Birce Palta2019 SpringDr. Hae-Soo OhSchwarz methods for fourth-order problems containing singularities
100Dan Han2019 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovPopulation dynamics with immigration
99Maorong Rao2019 SpringDr. Jiancheng JiangHigh confidence set regularization in sparse high dimensional logistic regression with measurement error
98Caylah Retz2018 FallDr. Wei CaiAccurate and efficient calculation of singular electrostatic potentials in charge-dielectric spherical and Janus particle systems
97Meijiao Zhang2018 SpringDr. Jiancheng JiangRobust generalized likelihood ratio test based on penalization
96Pengyu Liu2018 SpringDrs. Yuanan Diao/Gabor HetyeiThe Braid indices of alternating links
95Fang Fang2018 SpringDr. Yanqing SunImproving semiparametric estimation of longitudinal data with covariance function
94Artem Hulko2018 SpringDr. Oleg SafronovEstimates for the number of eigenvalues of non-selfadjoint operators
93Shaoxin Hong2018 SpringDr. Jiancheng JiangInterval Estimation for Semi-Parametric Predictive Regression
92Elham Sohrabi2018 SpringDrs. Adriana Ocejo Monge/Mohammad KazemiOption Valuation Under a Regime-Switching Model Using the Fast Fourier Transform
91Wedige Fernado2017 SpringDr. Mingxin XuAmerican Options Pricing using HJM Methodology
90Cong Zhao2017 SpringDr. Jiancheng JiangNon-nested Model Selection via Empirical Likelihood
89Gary Crosby2017 SpringDr. Mingxin XuOptimal Multiple Stopping: Theory and Applications
88Amod Basnet2017 SpringDr. Isaac SoninParallel Computing for Markov Chains with Islands and Ports
87Sinae Kim2016 FallDr. Hae-Soo OhPartition of Unity Isogeometric Analysis for Singularly Perturbed Problems and Fourth-Order Differential Equations Containing Singularities
86Xintian Yu2016 FallDr. Jiancheng JiangNonparametric Predictive Regression
85Puja Rattan2016 FallDr. Hae-Soo OhIsogeometric Collocation Method for Elasticity Problems Containing Singularities
84Jian Wu2016 FallDr. Wei CaiHigh-order H(div) Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for MHD Equations
83Asmaa Getan2016 FallDr. Boris VainbergIntermittency for Branching Random Walks with Heavy Tails
82Yijing Zhou2016 FallDr. Wei CaiPath Integral Methods Using Feynman-Kac Formula and Reflecting Brownian Motions for Neumann and Robin Problems
81Wei Huang2016 Summer IDr. Xingde DaiFrame Wavelets in High Dimension
80Unkyung Lee2016 Summer IDr. Yanqing SunAnalysis of Semiparametric Regression Models for the Cumulative Incidence Functions under the Two-phase Sampling Designs
79Nezihe Turhan2016 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovLimit Theorems for One Class of Ergodic Markov Chains
78Brian Zinser2016 SpringDr. Wei CaiHigh-order Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Problems in Layered Media with Applications in Biology and Solar Cells
77Huseyin Erturk2016 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovLimit Theorems for Random Exponential Sums and Their Applications to Insurance and Random Energy Model
76Michael Fairchild2015 FallDrs. Scott Kelly/Douglas ShaferSymmetry and constraints in hydrodynamics and mechanical locomotion
75Hamid Semiyari2015 SpringDr. Douglas ShaferApproximating solutions of boundary value problems
74Li Qi2015 SpringDr. Yanqing SunGeneralized semiparametric varying-coefficient models for longitudinal data
73Lukun Zheng2015 SpringDr. Stanislav MolchanovSpectral theorems for Schrodinger operator on general graphs
72Katherine A. Baker2014 Summer IIDr. Wei CaiImage Charge Solvation Model (ICSM) for Simulating Biomolecules and KcsA Ion-Channels
71Li Wu2014 SpringDr. Zongwu CaiConsistent Nonparametric Test on Nonlinear Regression Models With Near-Integrated Covariates
70Elijah E. Ray2013 FallDr. Stanislav MolchanovA Random Hierarchical Laplacian
69Kokouvi Hounkanli2013 FallDr. Douglas ShaferThe center and cyclicity problems in a family of three dimensional polynomial systems of ordinary differential equations
68Yi Liu2013 FallDr. Jiancheng JiangGeneralized Quasi-likelihood Ratio Statistics for Multivariate Time-varying Coefficient Regression Models
67Yonggang Wang2013 Summer IDr. Zongwu CaiGeneralized quasi-likelihood ratio tests for varying codfficient quantile regression models
66Graham Enos2013 SpringDrs. Yuliang Zheng/Gabor HetyeiBinary Edwards Curves in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
65Sarah J. Birdsong2013 SpringDr. Gabor HetyeiOn the structure and invariants of cubical complexes
64Xing Zhang2013 SpringDr. Zhiyi ZhangAsymptotic normality of entropy estimators
63Andu Agbor2013 SpringDr. Boris VainbergThe Asymptotic Approximation of the Transition Probability for the Random Walks with Heavy Tails
62Hyunju Kim2013 SpringDr. Hae-Soo OhIsogeometric analysis and patchwise reproducing polynomial particle method for plates
61Wenhua Zou2012 FallDr. Mingxin XuA Unified Treatment of Derivative Pricing and Forward Decision Problems within the HJM Framework
60Ming Xiang2012 FallDr. Wei CaiHybrid solvation model for electrostatic interactions in molecular dynamics simulation of ionic solvent
59Yanjmaa Jutmaan2012 Summer IIDr. Stanislav MolchanovBranching processes in random trees
58Qiong Shou2012 Summer IIDr. Yanqing SunSemiparametric time-varying coefficient regression model for longitudinal data with censored time origin
57Bingduo Yang2012 SpringDr. Zongwu CaiVariable selection for functional index coefficient models and its application in finance and engineering
56Constantine Steinberg2012 SpringDr. Isaac SoninContinue, quit, restart probability model and related problems
55Hao Zhang2011 FallDr. Stanislav MolchanovAsymptotic analysis of the Andersson parabolic problem and the Moser’s type optimal stopping prblem
54Lihong Xia2011 FallDr. Mingxin XuEssays on lambda-quantile dependent convex risk measures
53Doyel Barman2011 Summer IIDr. Alan DowConsistency Results in the Theory of Continuous Functions and Selective Separability
52Yaqin Feng2011 Summer IIDr. Stanislav MolchanovLimit theorems for reaction diffusion models
51Christopher B. Davis2011 Summer IIDr. Hae-Soo OhMeshless boundary particle methods for boundary integral equations and meshfree particle methods for plates
50Lipika Ghosh2011 Summer IIDrs. Yanqing Sun/Jiancheng JiangAnalysis of Failure Time Data with Missing and Informative Auxiliary Covariates
49Linman Sun2011 Summer IIDr. Zongwu CaiNonparametric Pricing Kernel Models
48Mei Li2011 Summer IDr. Yanqing SunStatistical Analysis of Mark-Specific Proportional Hazards Model
47Andrey Kuzhuget2011 SpringDr. Michael KlibanovGlobal convergence and quasi reversibility for coefficient inverse problems
46Perry L. Gillespie2011 SpringDrs. Stanislav Molchanov/Isaac SoninThe Study of “Loop” Markov Chains
45Qiang Shi2011 SpringDr. You-Lan ZhuA Convertible-Bond-Pricing Method Based on Bond Prices on Markets
44Joseph M. Whitmeyer2010 FallDr. Stanislav MolchanovMathematical analysis of Markov models for social processes
43Roberto Mendoza2010 Summer IIDr. Alan DowT-Algebras and Efimov’s Problem
42Chang Xiao2010 Summer IIDrs. Joel Avrin/Shaozhong DengTheoretical and Computational Analysis of Spectrally Hyperviscous Models of Turbulent Flow
41Yunfei Wang2010 SpringDr. Zongwu CaiEssays on Predictive Regression Models for Asset Returns
40Kenneth Hinson2010 SpringDr. Yuanan DiaoBraid Indices in a Class of Closed Braids
39Jun Zhou2009 FallDr. Zhiyi ZhangSeveral Statistical Results Under Multinomial Distribution with Infinite Categories
38Won-Tak Hong2009 Summer IDr. Hae-Soo OhA Meshless Method with Enriched Basis Functions for Singularity Problems
37Jing Li2009Dr. Mingxin XuRisk Minimizing Portfolio Optimization and Hedging with Conditional Value-At-Risk
36Jimin Lee2008Dr. Yanqing SunSome statistical methods for failure time data
35Xian Wang2008Dr. Zongwu CaiSelection of Mixed Copulas and Finite Mixture Models with Applications in Finance
34Jae Woo Jeong2008Dr. Hae-Soo OhImplementation of Reproducing Polynomial Particle(RPP) Shape Functions in Meshless particle methods for Two-Dimensional Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
33Hongwei Huang2008Dr. Zhiyi ZhangStatistical Properties and Applications of Turing’s Formula
32Kai Fan2008Dr. Wei CaiA Generalized Discontinuous Galerkin (GDG) Method and Its Applications
31Dawn McNair2008Dr. Thomas G. LucasDuals of Ideals and Trace Properties in Rings with Zero Divisors
30Seunggeun Hyun2007Dr. Yanqing SunStatistical Analysis of Competing Risks Models with Applications
29Hussein Islami-Arshagi2007Dr. Boris VainbergThe Long Time Behavior of Solutions to The Difference Wave Equations
28Mohammadreza Jalali2007Dr. Stanislav MolchanovCentral Limit Theorem for Markov Chains on Compact Abelian Groups
27Nicola Squartini2007Dr. Stanislav MolchanovGlobal limit theorems for sums of independent identically distributed random variables using quasicumulants
26Jason Holt2006Dr. Stanislav MolchanovSpecial Analysis of the One Dimensional Schrödinger Operator with Unbounded Potentials
25Nailong Guo2006Dr. Wei CaiNumerical Study on the Optical Coupling by Evanescent Whispering Gallery Modes Between Two Micro-spheres by using A Discontinuous Spectral Element Method
24Henong Li2006Dr. Zongwu CaiSemiparametric Weak Instrumental Variables Models for Panal and Cross-Sectional Data
23John R. Taylor2006Dr. Evan G. HoustonArithmetic Properties of Pullback Domains
22Geta Techanie2006Dr. Alan DowImages of Two to One Continuous Functions
21Sergey Pamyatnykh2006Dr. Michael KlibanovStability Estimates for Some Ill-Posed and Inverse Problems for The Transport and Hyperbolic Equations
20Xunxiang Guo2005Drs. Xingde Dai/Yuanan DiaoOn Frame Wavelets
19Bongsoo Jang2005Dr. Hae-Soo OhHomogenization of Irregular Shaped Composite Materials in Periodic Structures
18Xiaoping Xu2005Dr. Zongwu CaiSemiparametric and Nonparametric Estimation for Dynamic Quantile Regression Models
17Min Hyung Cho2005Dr. Wei CaiFast Integral Methods in Layered Media with Application to Photonic Devices
16Jian Chen2005Drs. Alex Papadopoulos/Jacek DmochowskiBayesian Inference and Forecasts of Time Series Under the Different Loss Functions
15David C. Hill2005Dr. Douglas ShaferTime Delayed Dynamical Systems and the Duffing Equation
14Xiaodong Jin2005Dr. Janusz KawczakContributions to Kernel Methods and Estimation of Extreme Value Index
13Jennifer Hill2004Dr. Isaac SoninAn Inventory Optimization Model with Markov-Modulated Commodity Prices
12John Herron2004Dr. Alan LambertWeighted conditional Expectation Operations on L^{p} Space
11Huaiyu Xiong2004Dr. Zongwu CaiNonparametric and Semiparametric Functional Coefficient Instrumental Variables Models
10Rasoul Behboudi2002Dr. You-Lan ZhuExistence and Regularity of Generalized Solutions of Degenerate Parabolic Problems via Finite Difference Numerical Schemes
9Abbas Alhakim2001Dr. Stanislav MolchanovOn a joint Distribution for Long Runs, A Limit Theorem for Approximate Entropy with Applications to The Testing of Random Number Generators
8Jinliang Li2001Dr. You-Lan ZhuNumerical Solutions for American Options on Assets with Stochastic Volatilities
7Yijun Yu2001Dr. Wei CaiSingularity Treatment and High Order RWG Basis Functions for Integral Equations of Electromagnetic Scattering
6Sufang Cui2000Dr. Yanqing SunModel Checking Techniques in Survival Analysis
5Yingjun Sun1999Dr. You-Lan ZhuHigh Order Methods for Evaluating Convertible Bonds
4Wafaa A. Shaban1999Dr. Boris VainbergThe Direct And Inverse Scattering Problems For The Difference Schrodinger Operator
3Rufeng Liang1998Dr. Xingde DaiSome Properties of Wavelets
2Alaexey Malakhov1998Dr. Stanislav MolchanovHomogenization of Periodic and Random Gaussian Flows in ID
1Kuo-Yuan Kao1997Dr. Ken ChenSums of Hot and Tepid Combinatorial Games