OPRS3111 Course Outline

Check with your instructor for the grading scheme, test and exam schedules.

Suggested textbook:

OPERATIONS RESEARCH, Applications and Algorithms (4th Edition) by Wayne Winston


1Introduction, Examples of mathematical programs
2Formulation of LP, Solving 2-d LPs graphically, extreme points,
3feasible and infeasible LPs, bounded and unbounded LPs
4Examples and modeling
5Standard form, basic and non-basic variables, basic feasible solutions
6Simplex algorithm
7Test 1 Review
8Test 1
9Using the Simplex algorithm to solve Minimization problems
10alternative optimal solutions, unbounded LPs, computer packages
11degeneracy and convergence
12Big M Method,
13Two-Phase simplex method. More LP examples.
14Unrestricted in sign variables and Multiperiod LP examples.
15Introduction to Sensitivity Analysis
16Important formulas for computing an optimal basis
17Test 2
18Sensitivity analysis
19Finding the dual and the economic interpretation
20The Dual Theorem and its consequences
21Shadow prices and complimentary slackness
22The Dual Theorem and its consequences
23Transportation Problems.
24Transportation simplex.
25Assignment problem and Hungarian Method.
26Integer Programming, IP, IP Models
27Test 3
28Branch and Bound method
29Catching up

Final Exam Review

Final Exam