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Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Multivariate Dickman distribution and its applicationsXingnan Zhang
2Coloring graphs with intervals for parallel computingDante Durrman
3Subsystem if Shifts of Finite Type Over Countable Amenable GroupsRobert Bland
4Dynamics of the Shift Action on Linear Sequence Spaces Over Groups Beyond ZSergei L. Miles
5Design and Analysis for Two-Phase Studies with Survival DataXu Cao
6Estimation and Interference for Dynamic Intensity Models for Recurrent Event Data with Applications To a Malaria Trial Jing Xu
7Multiscale Modeling for Crystalline Materials: A Comprehensive Study in Statics and DynamicsElaine Gorom-Alexander
8New Version of Optimal Stopping ProblemWai-Lun Lam
9 On Reduced Unicellular HypermonopolesRobert Cori and Gabor Hetyei


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Globally convergent numerical methods for several inverse problems based on Carleman estimatesThi Thu Thuy Le
2Statistical inference of semiparametric Cox-Aalen transformation models with failure time dataXi Ning
3Spectral theory of Schrödinger type operator on spider graphsMadhumita Paul
4Catalan-Spitzer permutationsRichard Ehrenborg, Gabor Hetyei and Margaret Readdy
On the infinite divisibility and non infinite divisibility of certain classes of random variables
George M. Stukes
6Labeling regions in deformations of graphical arrangementsGabor Hetyei


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Estimation and Simulation for Multivariate Tempered Stable Distributions with Applications To FinanceYunfei Xia
2The general non-stationary Anderson Parabolic Model with correlated white noiseXiaoyun Chen
3Writhe-like Invariants of Alternating LinksVan Anh Pham
4Average genus of oriented rational linksDawn Ray
5Asymptotic Normality of Higher Order Turing FormulaeJie Chang


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Semiparametric additive hazards models with missing covariatesPramesh Subedi
2Absolutely continuous spectrum of a typical Schrodinger operator with an operator valued potentialAri Laptev and Oleg Safronov
3Spanning hypertrees, vertex tours and meandersRobert Cori and Gabor Hetyei
4Multivariate Functional Predictor SelectionAli Mahzarnia
5Distance based linear regression model and its application to microbiome association studiesMasoumeh Sheikhi Kiasri


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Quantum resistant Reed-Muller codes on McEliece cryptosystemJasmine Elder
2A real-analytic proof of the Simon-Wolff theoremAlexander Y. Gordon and Oleg Safronov
Independent screening for nonparametric additive Cox model
Sha Yu
The semiparametric mark-specific proportional hazards model for multivariate marks via a single-index
Yuehan Shao
5Local spatial quantile estimation of multivariate functional-coefficient regression modelsYetong Zhou
6Diffusion processes on solvable groups of upper triangular 3×3 matrices. Applications in Asian and basket optionsJulia Simonsen
7A Dynamic Approach to Optimizing Interventions and Mitigating Contagion Impacts in Financial NetworksChristopher Farthing
8Probabilistic Numerical Integration with Applications in Machine LearningKelly Hirschbeck Smalenberger


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Population Dynamics with ImmigrationDan Han
2Schwarz methods for fourth-order problems containing singularitiesBirce Palta
3On the discrete spectrum of exterior elliptic problemsRajan Puri
4On the spectral theory of 1-D Schrodinger Operator with sparse random potentialsThomas A. Cook
5Estimation of semi-varying coefficient models for counting process with applicationsLiqiu Deng
Jensen-Shannon Divergence: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
Ann Marie Stewart
7Inverse source problems for elliptic and parabolic equationsQitong Li
8Dynamic modeling of incomplete event history dataFei Heng
9Non-parametric estimation of information-theoretic quantities in entropic perspectiveJialin Zhang
10Statistical estimation and inference for the associations of multivariate recurrent event processesPeilin Chen
11Optimal strategies in “Locks, Bombs, and Testing” (LBT) problem for the case of independent protectionLi Liu
12Goodness-of-fit tests under permutationsChen Chen
Invariants of rational links represented by reduced alternating diagrams
Yuanan Diao, Claus Ernst and Gabor Hetyei
14Unifying estimation of varying-coefficient modelsWeitong Yin
15Isomorphism in Wavelets IIXingde Dai, Wei Huang and Zhongyan Li
16The type B permutohedron and the poset of intervals as a Tchebyshev transformGabor Hetyei
A Diagrammatic Approach for Determining the Braid Index of Alternating Links
Yuanan Diao, Claus Ernst, Gabor Hetyei and Pengyu Liu
18Braid Index Bounds Ropelength From BelowYuanan Diao
19The braid index of DNA double crossover polyhedral linksXiao-Sheng Cheng and Yuanan Diao


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Option Valuation Under A Regime-Switching Model Using the Fast Fourier TransformElham Sohrabi
2Interval Estimation for Semiparametric Predictive RegressionShaoxin Hong
3Estimates For the Number of Eigenvalues of Non-self-adjoint OperatorsArtem Hulko
4Improving Semiparametric Estimation of Longitudinal Data with Covariance FunctionFang Fang
5The braid indices of alternating linksPengyu Liu
6Robust generalized likelihood ratio test based on penalizationMeijiao Zhang
7Accurate and efficient calculation of singular electrostatic potentials in charge-dielectric spherical and Janus particle systemsCaylah N. Retz
8High confidence set regularization in sparse high dimensional logistic regression with measurement errorMaorong Rao
9Uniform flag triangulations of the Legendre polytopeRichard Ehrenborg, Gabor Hetyei and Margaret Readdy


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1The Braid Index Of Alternating LinksYuanan Diao, Gabor Hetyei and Pengyu Liu
2Parallel computing for Markov chains with islands and portsAmod Basnet
3Optimal multiple stopping: theory and applicationsGary Wayne Crosby
4Non-nested model selection via empirical likelihoodCong Zhao
5American options pricing using HJM methodologyWedige Sandesh Kushantha Fernando
6Alternation acyclic tournamentsGabor Hetyei
7Counting partitions of a fixed genusRobert Cori and Gabor Hetyei


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Limit Theorems for Random Exponential Sums and Their Applications to Insurance and Random Energy ModelHuseyin Eturk
2High-Order Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Problems in Layered Media with Applications in Biology and Solar CellsBrian Zinser
3Limit Theorems for One Class of Erogodic Markov Chains Nezihe Turhan
4Frame Wavelets in High DimensionWei Huang
5Analysis of Semiparametric Regression Models for the Cumulative Incidence Functions Under the Two-Phase Sampling Designs Unkyung Lee
6The Braid Index of Reduced Alternating Braids Pengyu Liu, Yuanan Diao, Gabor Hetyei
7Estimation of Standardized Mutual Information Zhiyi Zhang and Ann M. Stewart
8Simion’s Type B Associahedron is a Pulling Triangulation of the Legendre PolytopeRichard Ehrenborg, Gabor Hetyei, Margaret Readdy
9Path IntegralMethods Using Feynman-Kac Formula and Reflecting Brownian Motions for Neumann and Robin Problems Yijing Shou
10Intermittency for Branching Random Walks with Heavy TailsAsmaa Getan
11Isogeometric Collocation Method for Elasticity Problems Containing Singularities Puja Rattan
12High Order H(DIV) Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for MHD EquationsJian Wu
13Nonparametric Predictive RegressionXintian Yu
14Partition of Unity IsogeometricAnalysis for Singularly Perturbed Problems and Fourth Order Differential Equations Containing Singularities Sinae Kim


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Approximating Solutions of Boundary Value Problems Hamid Semiyari
2Symmetry, Reduction, and Constraints in Mechanics and Hydro Dynamics Michael J. Fairchild
3Efron’s Coins and the Linial ArrangementGabor Hetyei


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Generalized Tchebyshev TriangulationsGabor Hetyei and Eran Nevo
2Generating Radom Walks and Polygons With Stiffness in ConfinementY. Diao, C. Ernst, S. Saarinen, U. Zeigler
3Orientation of DNA Minicircles Balances Density and Topological Complexity in Kineoplast DNA Yuanan Diao, Victor Rodriguez, Michele Klingbeil, Javier Arsuaga
4The Effect of Volume Exclusion on the Formation of DNA Minicirle NetworksY. Diao, K. Hinson, and J. Arsuaga


Paper NumberTitleAuthor
1Isogeometric Analysis and Patchwise Reproducing Polynomial Particle Method for Plants Hyunju Kim
2Asymptotic Approximation of the Radom Walks with Heavy TailAgbor Andu Ebot
3Asymptotic Normality of Entropy Estimators Xing Zhang
4The Toric H-Vector of a Cubical Complex in Terms of Noncrossing Partition Statistics Sarah Bridson, Gabor Heytei
5On The Structure and Invariants of Cubical Complexes Sarah J. Birdsong
6Binary Edwards Curves in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Graham Enos
7Generalized Quasi-Likelihood Ratio Tests for Varying Coefficient Quantile Regression Models Yonggang Wang
8Counting Genus One Partitions and Permutation Robert Cori, Gabor Hetyei
9 Consistent Non-Parametric Test on Nonlinear Regression Models with Near-Integrated Covariates Li Wu
10 Curvature of Random Walks and Random Polygons In ConfinementY. Diao, C. Ernst, A. Montemayor, and U. Ziegler
11Percolation Phenomena in Disordered Topological Networks V. Rodriguez, Y. Diao, and J. Arsuaga
12Random Walks and Polygons in Tight Congfinement Y. Diao, C. Ernst, and U. Ziegler
13 The Knot Spectrum of Confined Random Equilateral PolygonsY. Diao, C. Ernst, A. Montemayer, E. Rawdon, and U. Ziegler
14 Properties of Topological Networks of Flexible Polygonal Chains J. Arsuaga, Y. Diao, M. Klingbeil, V. Rodriguez
15 A Random Hierarchial Laplacian Eli Everette Ray


Paper Number
1A Multivariate Normal Law for Turning Formule Zhiyi Zhang
2Relative Tute Polynomials of Tensor Products of Colored GraphsY. Diao and G. Hetyei
3Variable Selection for Functional Index Coefficient Models and its Application in Finance and Engineering Bingduo Yang
4Semiparametric Time-Varying Coefficient Regression Model for Longitudinal Data with Censored Time Origin Qiong Shou
5Branching Processes in Random Trees Yanjmaa Jutmaan
6Profile Local Linear Estimation of Generalized Semiparametric Regression Model for Longitudinal Data Yanqing Sun
7Hybrid Solvation Models for Electrostatic Interactions in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ionic Solvent Ming Xiang
8A Unified Treatment of Derivative Pricing and Forward Decision Problems Within HJM Framework Wenhau Sou
9Generating Equilateral Random Polygons in Confinement II Y. Diao, C. Ernst, A. Montemayor, and U. Ziegler
10Generating Equilateral Random Polygons in Confinement IIIY. Diao, C. Ernst, A. Montemayor, and U. Ziegler
11Hurwitzian Continued Fractions Containing a Repeated Constat and an Arithmetic Progression Gabor Hetyei


Paper Number Title Author(s)
1The Center Problem on a Center Manifold in R3V.F. Ednearl, A. Mahdi, V.G. Romanovski, and D.S. Shafer
2Centers on Center Manifolds in the LU SystemAdam Mahdi, Claudio Pessoa, and Douglas S. Shafer
3The Study of “Loop” Markov ChainsPerry L. Gillespie
4Integrability of the Nose-Hoover EquationAdam Mahdi and Claudia Valls
5Polynomial Integrability of the Hamiltonian Systems with Homogeneous Potential of Degree -2Jaume Llibre, Adam Mahdi, and Claudia Valls
6Gevrey Regularity for a Class of Dissipative EquationsAnimikh Biswas
7Analysis of Failure Time Data with Missing and Informative Auxiliary CovariatesLipika Gosh
8Essays on λ-Quantile Dependent Convex Risk MeasuresLihong Xia
9Statistical Analysis of Mark-Specific Proportional Hazards ModelMei Li
10Nonparametric Pricing Kernel ModelsLinman Sun
11Meshless Boundary Particle Methods for Boundy Integral Equations and Meshfree Particle Methods for PlatesChristopher Bard Davis
12Limit Theorems for Reaction Diffusion ModelsYaqin Feng
13Gevrey Regularity for a Class of Dissipative Equations with Analytic NonlinearityHantaek Bae and Animikh Biswas
14Consistency Results in the Theory of Continuous Functions and Selective SeparabilityDoyle Barman
15Polynomial Integrability of The Hamiltonian System with Homogebeous Potential of Degree -3Jaume Llibre, Adam Mahdi, and Claudia Valls
16Asymptotic Analysis of the Anderson Parabolic Problem and the Moser’s Type Optimal Stopping ProblemHao Zhang
17On s-Elementary Super Frame Wavelets and Their Path-ConnectednessYuanan Diao and Shongyan Li
18Generating Equilateral Random Polygons in ConfinementY. Diao, C. Ernst, A. Montemayor, and U. Ziegler
19Nullifications of Knots and LinksY. Diao, C. Ernst, and A. Montemayor
20The Effects of Angle Restriction on the Topological Characteristics of Minicircle NetworksJ. Arsuaga, Y. Diao, and K. Hinson
21Bounds for Minimum Step Number of Knots Confined to Slabs in the Simple Cubic Lattice K. Ishihara, R. Scharein, Y. Diao, J. Arsuaga, M. Vazquez and K. Shimokawa
22The Growth of Minicircle Networks on Regular LaticesJ. Arsuaga, Y. Diao, and K. Hinson
23Continue, Quit, Restart Probability Model and Related ProblemsConstantine Steinberg
24A Gray Code for the Shelling Types of the Boundary of a HypercubeSarah Birdsong and Gabor Hetyei